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In 2022, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer after many stress-filled years. I was full of dread and knew that the root cause was emotional because I had seen this many times with my own patients having an emotional component that contributed to their illnesses. I was an RN for 30 years and saw illnesses improve when patients addressed their emotional issues. I knew emotional trauma was a factor for me because I live an exemplary lifestyle of exercise (yoga and meditation) and consume quality foods including fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains (no caffeine, alcohol, or sugar). Ruling that out was easy. The prolonged stress in my life, however, was impacting my body, and I didn't know how to stop it. 


It took me a few months to find Linda, but a good friend's recommendation convinced me to trust her. Even though other energy workers were able to give me some help, only Linda was able to address my issues completely with her comprehensive knowledge and skill that is one of a kind and hard to find. She is the "real deal." Plus, and most importanty, she really cares about her clients. Many doctors had ignored the serious nature of my symptoms, and it was a relief to work with someone who really listened and investigated my concerns. 


I believe her own spirital practice guides her every move; and even though I don't totally understand how she helped me heal, SHE DID! I was better able to tolerate the needed surgery. The cancer remained contained with no spread. There were clear margins and no lymph node involvement. My desire to avoid chemo and radiation was validated. I needed help to heal and make the best decisions. Without Linda's help, love support and expertise with all her B.E.S.T. and other skills she's learned throughout her career, I doubt I would've done as well. I'm very grateful to her.

I am so grateful to have you as part of my healing journey! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and gifts with me, for helping me clear the emotional crud through some tears but mostly laughter 'til I'm about to pee my pants! You are by far the whackiest, most caring, loving, singing healthcare provider I've ever met! I am so blessed that Divinity's message led me to you. You are truly the B.E.S.T.!

I am one of Linda's testimonies from 10 years ago and here I am again. Recently, as a result of the pandemic, the election, and disrespect on social media, I suffered with IBS. Linda was able to help me remove the traumas associated with it. In one day of treatment, I was on my way. I was also skeptical of the vaccine and knew it wasn't for me. Linda was able to walk me through my concerns and also made me an essential oil anti-viral blend, which is specific to my body. I feel protected and secure. Linda, with you by my side, I'm not afraid of anything. God is clearly working through you, and I thank you!

In 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had decided to have a double mastectomy with no chemo or radiation against doctors' advice. It was my choice not to go that route. I went from vegetarian to a vegan diet and have always been devoted to physical fitness. I took supplements at that time. In 2015, a new occurrence of breast cancer was revealed and more surgery was needed. It was a very stressful year prior to this occurrence. I knew after the 2nd occurence I had to find out why the cancer was returning. I had heard about Linda Ryan from a friend of mine. I learned how life stresses and our thoughts contribute to illness; and without unblocking negative emotional patterns with B.E.S.T. treatments, you are fighting an  uphill battle. Linda was the ideal facilitator of B.E.S.T. for me. She will lead you to an energy-balanced body and help you resolve the emotional interference. She is a caring, competent practitioner who is able to help you regain your body's ability to function on a positive level. She also recommended a cleanse and provided me with several custom essential oil blends which expedited my progress. It certainly worked for me! I would recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for alternatives to western medicine or an adjunct to any type of treatments they are undergoing.


In 2015, I was traveling to the states from my country on business and heard one of my co-workers talking about a holistic practitioner who had helped them. I was dealing with asthma and on medication for it., had a chronic problem with pain in my ovaries, cysts in both breasts and ovaries. I was told by my doctor that I would most likely not be able to have children. I had never heard of B.E.S.T. but knew I had to go see Linda to try what she had to offer. She did her B.E.S.T. treatments and also put two custom blends of essential oils together for me. I have not had to use asthma medication since and a new ultrasound showed the cysts in my breasts were gone! The cysts I had on my ovaries had also disappeared except one that was originally 5 cm but is now 1.8 cm! I have the pictures to prove it! I am amazed at what has taken place within just a few visits and the essential oils. Linda is amazing!

I am convinced of the benefits of B.E.S.T. and believe this is the main reason I have been so healthy over the past 20 years. Last fall I had the good fortune of meeting Linda Ryan, which has improved my life in many ways.  One of my golfing friends calls Linda, "my fountain of youth," as she has helped resolve one symptom after another for me. My feet had been hurting since my late 20's and in recent years I struggled to finish walking 18 holes of golf. The day after my first visit, I walked 18 holes of golf pain-free and then mowed my lawn. My hips, shoulders and forearms have been "locked up" and sore for years, and my flexibility has been severely restricted. One by one, Linda helped me resolve these. When I run out of things for her to "fix," I will continue to see her  for maintenance of health. I have referred many people to Linda and will continue to do so. Frankly, I think she could help anyone with any challenge. In addition to being my "fountain of youth," she is also a caring and funny person.

I’ve been a nurse for 40 years but have been involved with and have practiced alternative healing methods for quite some time. I found out about Linda from my family and decided to see what she could help me with since I had a bunch of symptoms I wanted to see resolved. At one of my appointments Linda found a protrusion in my upper back on the right side. I didn’t react right away, but she reconfirmed it on my next visit and suggested I go to a chiropractor to see what it was. The chiropractor I have in Wilmington measured my spine alignment and the a + image revealed that I had a deviation in my spine (scoliosis), which I could see. She informed me that scoliosis doesn’t just go away but that they would work on the tight muscles that appeared to be causing the protrusion. Linda put a custom essential oil blend together specifically for the scoliosis, and I was devoted to applying it just as she directed. I continued both chiropractic adjustments and B.E.S.T. treatments with Linda. Because of my job and current circumstances, this was a very challenging journey, but I was determined to see it through and glad I did! Toward the end of the 10th week period, the scoliosis and protrusion were gone and amazingly enough I was given a clean bill of health. No scoliosis to be seen! It was stated by the chiropractor that this was very rare! There are many other things Linda has helped me with since I’ve been seeing her, including an allergy to nuts. I’m now eating small amounts with no reaction!

Back pain sufferers, listen up. It is possible to get permanent relief from chronic back pain through Linda Ryan. I did. I'm 49 today (August 2015). When I was in my late teens, I felt my first muscle cramp in my back. It left me immobilized on the hockey locker room floor, and I couldn't walk for 20 plus minutes. After that, the pain and spasms were rare, but they occurred. Once I hit my 30's (wife, 2 daughters and an appetite for pressure), the spasms became more regular and the pain ultimately became 24/7--a part of my life.


I tried all the usual treatments from physical therapy, massage, chiropractor and acupuncture. Sometimes they provided temporary relief to the locked up muscles, but no solution to the underlying problem. The MD did an MRI, diagnosed "ruptured discs," and recommended surgery. Too many people I know have done that with poor results. "No knives in my back!"


Linda and I met by chance because our offices were in the same building. I asked if she thought she could help and she said it's completely possible to resolve the back pain. Internally, I rolled my eyes. What is a "Holistic Practitioner?' I assumed it would be a waste of time because it seemed like 'hocus pocus;' but with nothing to lose except a one-time fee, I was optimistic enough to try. I had already harbored some doubt that traditional MD's really appreciated the relationship between the mind and the body, but it was not something I ever thought about much. I'm just not a fan of 'straight to meds."


On the day of my first appointment with Linda, I was in acute spasm and could barely get out of the car or sit at my desk. I got on the table and went through her process as she does with other people. I purposely kept my mind open and concentrated hard on everything she told me to do. After about 30 minutes she said," ok you're ready." I thought, "what a joke. She didn't do anything." I got up the way I always do--very gingerly and hobbled to the sit. I asked her how many times she thought I would need to come back before I get better?" She said, "Oh you are better. Stand up and see." This was making me angry but I stood up without leaning on the chair. I leaned forward, back, right and left. The pain and tightness were gone! I said, "This is amazing. How long will it last?" That was 4 years ago! I've been active playing hockey, lifting anything or anyone (kids!) with no issues.

It was a nice summer afternoon, and my husband and I had plans free from our kids for a night so we made dinner reservation at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. I was looking forward to a nice dinner with just the two of us. Throughout the afternoon, I felt a pain in my left side. The pain got worse; I could barely sit. I dragged myself to the phone and called my sister to drive me to the emergency room. After sitting there for hours, I finally got to see the doctor to confirm my suspicion. I had a kidney stone and they didn’t do anything to treat it other than give me pain medication and the usual recommendation of drinking lots of water.  I went home and took the medication to manage the pain. The stone didn’t pass until one week later. I was told to stay away from a laundry list of foods because I was told once I get kidney stones, I would most likely get them again. I thought, “Who wants to live like that?” I wanted to find another solution that didn’t involve waiting for the next emergency room ordeal. 


Linda and I were serving in the Children’s Ministry at church and we got into discussing food allergies/sensitivities with my sons, and she briefly shared with me what her practice was about. I was interested in what she had to offer; but I have to admit, I had visited a few natural/holistic practitioners before and was skeptical of her just like I was of the others. I’m a skeptical person. Next to anger, skepticism is usually my second reaction to things.


During my first appointment, she started helping me with digestive issues. I don’t think I am a complicated person. I tend to speak my mind and not mince words but I can get really angry.  It’s fair to say I have anger issues. 


Through working with Linda, I have come to learn that Kidney stones are related to anger. It started making sense to me as we worked along that my emotions had manifested themselves into physical ailments. I also had several urinary tract infections each year. I had so many in one year that my doctor recommended I go on a very low dose of antibiotic as a preventative. I also struggled with acid reflux.


Since my first and last violent kidney stone three full years ago, I can say that I haven’t had any more that have sent me screaming bloody murder to the Emergency room. I haven’t had any more urinary tract infections. As I am typing this, I am still amazed that I’ve gone from many UTIs each year to zero, nada, none! 


She has also helped me eliminate the acid reflux and my two sons with their food intolerances. My sons can now eat dairy without vomiting or having diarrhea.  I never thought I would be able to eat food without having major heartburn immediately after.  Now when I have any kind of issues, the first person, I call is Linda. It‘s amazing that I’m at a point now where I only need to see her for maintenance care.  I now have the hope that I can eat food again and not worry that I am going to pay for it later with heartburn. 

I was diagnosed at an early age w/an incurable, hereditary disease called, Sickle Cell Anemia. Since then, I have been skeptical of anyone but a medical doctor caring for me. I found out about Linda through my sister, who had her own health issues and had exhausted all possible options. The decision to see Linda last November was one of the best decisions I've made. I never truly grasped the concept of whole mind, body, soul until I started seeing her.


In addition to the Sickle Cell Anemia, I had Deep Vein Thrombosis and other issues that plagued me. As a Christian, I was determined to hold onto my faith that someday I would know the "true joy of healing." Experiencing a sickle cell crisis was terrifying; every small upset or stress would cause a crisis. Now I'm able to handle life's stresses w/o the crisis effect! Having whole health is something I have only dreamt of until now. It's such a joy to feel energized and know that I'm healthy to function as a normal human being, wife and someday to fulfill my dream as a mom. My husband, who was an even bigger skeptic than I, is now seeing Linda. The fact that I don't just feel the changes, but everyone around me is seeing me come alive, after a devastating series of illnesses a few years ago, is a true testimony to her work. My sincerest gratitude to you, Linda, and your God-given gift.

I recently suffered with hemorrhoids and an anal fissure for a solid year. I saw 7 different specialists, ended up in the emergency room twice, went for acupuncture and reiki, and tried all kinds of diets and alternative medicine. I got little breaks of relief but no recovery. I was not able to drive, work, sit, or stand for any length of time without much discomfort.  After one visit with Linda, my issues were resolved. The fissure and hemorrhoids were gone. I consider this nothing short of a miracle after everything I have tried. She was able to help me release things from my body that were stuck from life traumas. Her faith has inspired me so much!! I am grateful to her and to God for giving me my life back!

My husband and I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet Linda just over a year ago. At that time, I was still recovering from pneumonia, had a terrible cough, asthma, bursitis in my left shoulder, and fibromyalgia. I refused to take more antibiotics, the pneumonia vaccine, or any more ibuprofen! Through her work, synchronizing our biological bodies by clearing emotional blockages, I am now fibromyalgia, asthma, and bursitis free as well as neurologically sound. My husband no longer has pain in his neck, shoulder and back.. He also is now finally free of an allergy to the cold--something that has plagued him since he was a child.

Before I went to see Linda, I had this nagging pain in my back and neck that did not allow me to play the piano for long periods of time. To relieve this problem, I went to a chiropractor with some improvement. I then tried rolfing with some results as well, but the pain was still there. After the first B.E.S.T treatment with Linda, I could actually play the piano for hours without any discomfort. I also had nagging knee pain, which has not returned to this day! We then went after allergies. I had a wheat/gluten allergy for 23 years. I’m glad to say that now I'm enjoying pizza, bread, and many other products I wasn’t able to tolerate prior. I had cat and dog allergies that showed up within 15 minutes of exposure, which required antihistamine, and suffered for many hours after. Amazingly, I just came back from a visit with my daughter, who has two cats and a dog. Not a single reaction! I also had a grass allergy that plagued me for years and made yard work impossible. If I pulled up weeds, I developed hives within minutes. Cutting the grass caused allergy symptoms as well. After sessions with Linda, I can now work in the yard without any symptoms whatsoever. It is all gone thanks to Linda, her B.E.S.T. skills and my body's ability to heal once the interference was removed. Thank you!

I initially went to see Linda for neck and back pain caused by sciatica. Since that time, she has used B.E.S.T. and her natural intuitive abilities to eliminate these pains, which have plagued me for the last 15 years. Even more importantly, though, she displays an intense passion, devotion, and genuine concern for her clients that cannot be trained. When I was recently hospitalized for Lyme disease that caused an electrical heart blockage, Linda spent hours on the phone helping me get through the ordeal and giving me guidance. She also used the treatment to get rid of my chest pains and the beliefs that were associated with them. I am eternally thankful for that. I personally know several of Linda’s clients and continue to hear one amazing story after another about how she has positively impacted their lives and health through her unique application of B.E.S.T. I would highly recommend her regardless of your age or medical condition.

My son, who is almost 3 years old was struggling with a severe cough, check congestion, restricted breathing and wheezing. He was miserable and crying. The last time he had these symptoms, he ended up in the hospital with the Croup. I called Linda and she treated him over the phone. Yes, you read that right, over the phone! Within 48 hours his chest congestion and cough were completely gone and all that remains now is a very slight runny nose. I gave him NO medication. Linda has really brought BEST to the next level and incorporates her intuitive gifts to its scientifically proven techniques. Thank you, Linda, and God bless!!

I've had chronic back pain for more than five years and have tried various forms of pain management, including: chiropractic care, massage and aqua therapies, physical therapy and spinal injections with no relief. I was fortunate enough to discover Linda Ryan. Through her customized regimen, I experienced almost immediate relief, which now enables me to assume the lifestyle I was accustomed to.

I'm writing this testimonial to encourage anyone out there who hasn't been helped by doctors, were told they're crazy, who think they can't get better, who have tried everything. I hope you don't have to go through what I did to find help. I have struggled with Adrenal fatigue, "Brittle" thyroid (meaning one that doesn't even respond well to meds), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. Until I pursued alternate therapies, I saw no improvement. I had little kids, and spent 5 days of the week in bed and struggled to care for them. Since then I have come a long way, and I must say that going to Linda has been one of the MOST FRUITFUL things I've ever done to help myself. Not only is she truly caring, she gets her joy from helping others and is a sincere student of the human condition. It's simply biology--she works with how God made us--not voodoo. One of the things I've experienced since seeing her: my thyroid is healing! Lately my body has needed only 1/6th the amount of meds as in the past. That's unheard of! Also, after being tested for Lyme (and having 2 bulls eye sites over 2 years), with Linda's help and a strict Herbal protocol, I have tested negative! I feel she is all about helping me. So, if you're out there and feeling hopeless, don't. Here is someone who can truly help.

I had never heard of B.E.S.T. before my recent appointment, but I was having difficulty getting rid of bronchitis. I had never felt so exhausted. Even after two rounds of anti-biotic and being sick for two months, I just couldn't get better. To be honest, I was skeptical about what could be done to help. After the B.E.S.T. treatment I had, I noticed the back pain I lived with for so long was gone. I wasn't sure that anything else had changed, though. On my ride home, however, I started feeling much better physically. I could tell my energy level was changing and it improved even more the next day! My co-workers were amazed and told me that I looked like my old self again. I felt 1,000 times better than the day before! I now can say I'm going back!

I started seeing Linda for rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. She helped me realize how my body has been holding onto old feelings and reactions that have been harming me physically and emotionally, and that haven't been able to change by counseling or medications. The B.E.S.T. work that she's done with me helped me over extremely bad back pain, where I couldn't even bend over or get up easily. The pain is totally gone! She also helped me realize certain emotions that I was feeling and needs that I had but was unaware of. These helped me change direction onto a path of recovery that I continue on today. Her work has helped me be aware of my body and myself more, so I can stay better tuned in to my needs as I live daily. I thank her and God for this!

I have known Linda for many years now and have seen and heard many wonderful things she has been doing with her practice; so when she treated me for some pain I was having on my right side, I was not too surprised about the results. Seven to ten days after the treatment, however, a mole/skin growth I had on my right leg for over 30 years turned black and eventually fell off! This skin growth that irritated me for so long is now gone. Even 6 months later all that remains is a light brown freckle that no longer bothers me. Linda is an out-of-the-box caregiver, who looks intently into solutions to help her clients live better lives. Thanks, Linda.

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